At Monocle Research, we help your company make the consumer the focus of your business. We specialize in the Art & Science that is growth acceleration and innovation. Whether revitalizing existing products or developing new ones, we have mastered the art of conceptualizing innovations that both satisfy consumers and keep them engaged with our clients’ brands. Monocle helps businesses explore their strategies with fresh eyes, to uncover unexpected sources of inspiration, aspiration, and imagination with a disciplined pragmatism rooted in real fact and data.

We can help grow your businesses through:


Consumer Knowledge

•Identify, prioritize, and target the most valuable consumers
•Get new consumers and keep them loyal and satisfied
•Elevate the consumer experience


•Focus on what you do best by Optimizing your core business activities
•Help you expand from a solid core business into relevant adjacencies
•Shift and redefine your core business to be better positioned for the future


•Help increase consumer awareness and position (or reposition) your brand
•Identify white space opportunities
•Provide a clearer picture of the competition

Product + Service Innovation

•Rapid idea generation, testing, and prototyping
•Optimize your product and service portfolio
•Revitalize existing products & services