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Our Guiding Principles

Monocle Research has six guiding principles which govern what, how, and why we do what we do…

Consumer First

Everything we do at Monocle is based on the simple idea of putting the consumer at the center of your business. Whether we are crafting statistical algorithms, business strategy, orbrand marketing plans, our goal is to grow your company by connecting you to your consumer.

Insights Born from Data

Raw creativity not rooted in real information can be misleading and dangerous to the growth of your company. At Monocle, we are committed to blending the art with the science and everything we do is built on a strong foundation of data and marketing sciences. You can be sure that our creative inspirations and strategic recommendations are actionable and predictive.

Focus on the Narrative

Data alone is just information - it never tells the full story. In developing our strategies we use a process of triangulation that combines the hard data, psychological, and emotional themes that not only build a strong consumer story, but one that is brought to life with real life examples, videos, and other compelling stimuli.

Commitment to Quality and Integrity

We take pride in our work by always delivering insights and strategies that stem from well thought-out research that meets both our clients’ needs and our high standards. We welcome our clients to participate and co-create with us and seek their honest feedback which we use to improve the quality of our work.

Diverse Viewpoints

Understanding people is what we do. To truly understand the diverse cultures, ways of life, and viewpoints requires an equally diverse team. At Monocle we place a high value on diversity in all forms which helps us to better understand WHAT consumers want, WHY they are motivated to do the things they do, HOW their backgrounds affect their aspirations, and what makes people unique.

Embrace Change

As strategists who enjoy being at the forefront of culture and business, we never shy away from challenging traditional conventions in an effort to find meaningful and sustainable growth opportunities for our clients. The status quo is your enemy, be prepared for what is to come.